Jesus Christ
A Carrara marble sculpture purchased in Italy depicts Christ with open arms.

Crack the Whip by J. Seward Johnson.
Eight children celebrate life by playing this game.

The Generation Bridge by J. Seward Johnson.
A grandfather seated on a bench talking with his granddaughter.

The Gardener by J. Seward Johnson.
You will see this fellow out night and day, rain or shine, planting from a bronze flat of flowers.

Candice and The Flower Girls by Gary Price.
Two seperate sculptures that depict Candice looking as if she is watering the flowers that the younger girls are picking.

Give Me a Kiss by Derek Wernher.
A man and woman walking together with a young boy on the man's shoulders.

The Provider by Derek Wernher.
A depiction of Albert Koegel filling a bird feeder. It was Mr. Koegel's interest in the cemetery, dating back to the 1920's, which has provided the beautiful backdrop of large trees we enjoy today.

The Flag Raiser by Derek Wernher.
Charles Smith, grounds supervisor for over 39 years, is shown raising the American flag.

Check it Out by Jerry Boyle.
This sculpture of a young girl carrying an arm-load of books is on permanent loan to the Flint Public Library.

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